Whatever you call it, is a state of confusion in most lives. It is where we, as community leaders, can be of most use.

  • Transitions is a suite of technology enabled social services from the 8th Square Foundation that help people through major changes in their lives. 
  • It is during takeoffs and landings that we need the most attention during any flight. 
  • Our services include the following transitions:
    • Professional
    • Personal
      • Pre-Marital Counseling
      • Parenthood ( early and teen)
      • Grieving and Coping with a loss
    • If you are aware of other services we should look at, please email us at * info AT 8thsq.org* or use the form at the bottom of the  www.8thsq.org page.
Why 8th Square?:    In Chess:    The knight can jump 3 spaces (over obstacles); The Rook can go across the entire board; The bishop can also criss-cross the entire board; The queen can do it all - except jump over obstacles.  

BUT the pawn - the foot soldier, gains power as it plods up the board - ON THE 8th SQUARE the pawn can become anyone it wants to be. At this moment of metamorphosis, on the 8thSquare - it is the most powerful piece on the board.
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